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Has your business got online banking?

With the current lockdown situation and the lack of ability to move around why not get your bank feeds set up with us. Some direct bank feeds allow you to go back 12 months meaning you will not need to supply us with a full years worth of bank statements and trying to find that one missing statement!


Bank feeds is a service that integrates with your live online bank account which can simplify your bank reconciliation process and ensures your accounts are accurate and up to date.


Along with the current demands for funding with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we will have more up to date information making it easier for us to prepare cash flows and see what’s effect this could have on your business. Therefore there is no better time to get your bank feeds connected to a secure online software. 


The connection of the bank means that it will seamlessly connect and automatically transfer your daily transaction statement lines.


Having a direct bank feed into a software is secure, accurate and reliable information that LHP can use in getting you  accounts quicker, help manage your business, increase efficiency and the ability to help with cash flow queries. Having this direct feed from the bank could enable you to have accounts quicker than ever before. Have more than one bank account? That’s not a problem, numerous accounts can be added, from a wide range of finial institutions.


Our team at LHP are on hand to process and assist you with this connection to the online software at no additional cost.


There is no better time to get in touch with us. Please call the office and a member of our team who will be happy to assist.


Samantha Hart 26/03/2020


Having worked with Matthew and the rest of the LHP team for several years now, I find them very approachable and they explain things in an easy way. Great for tax advice and would highly recommend them. Brilliant for apps too!
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