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Tax questions Carmarthen Journal 27th January 2010

I recently received a PAYE coding notice through the post for 2010-2011, but it includes tax on a company car which I no longer have. What should I do?

A PAYE coding notice informs your employer/pension provider of how much tax to take from your income. It is important that it is correct, as too much tax could be taken from you. If you think it is wrong then you should speak to your accountant (if you have one) or ring HMRC on 0845 302 1471 (for the West Wales area) to discuss the items that you believe are incorrect. HMRC should then forward an amended notice to your employer/pension provider.

I have a tax bill to pay by the end of January, but I am struggling to pay it. What are my options?

Many individuals and businesses are finding it difficult to pay their tax liabilities on time, so you are not alone. You will need to contact HMRC (Individuals 0845 366 1204 / businesses 0845 302 1435) before the due date of payment. Then depending on your circumstances they may agree to allow you to pay in instalments or agree another payment plan. However, HMRC will charge you interest on the outstanding balance. If you do nothing and the tax is still not paid by the 28th February 2010, then a 5% surcharge will be added.

If you are paying your personal tax liability electronically this week, then please note that HMRC have changed bank accounts and their new details are: sort code 08-32-10 Account #: 12001020



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