£32m Earmarked for Landowners to Plant Trees

woodland creation

Wales needs to plant 43,000 hectares of new woodland by the end of this decade as part of the Welsh Government’s journey to making the country net zero by 2050. Welsh Government has just announced £32 million for farmers and landowners to help plant 86 million trees in Wales by the end of the decade to combat the climate emergency. The announcement follows a review carried out by the Deputy Minister for Climate Change which looked at removing barriers to woodland creation.

The two new schemes are Small Grants Woodland Creation Scheme, which simplifies funding for farmers and other land managers to plant small areas of trees on land in Wales under two hectares which is agriculturally improved or of low environmental value, and Woodland Creation Grant, offering funding for tree planting and fencing to farmers and land managers who have a woodland creation plan, approved by the Welsh Government. Both schemes will provide grants towards tree planting, fencing and gates and 12 years of maintenance support.

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