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Beacons Compliance

Interview with Katie Young of Beacon Compliance

Katie Young, entrepreneur and founder of Beacon Compliance shares her journey from start-up to established business, explaining how LHP helped with her cloud accounting, tax, payroll and pension services to free up time to grow her business.

When did you start Beacon Compliance?

Back in 2018 when I was in a position where I was fed up at work and feeling undervalued, I set up a company to offer expertise to food producers. I was able to bridge a gap I spotted while working within the SME food producer market. I noticed smaller food producers differed wildly to the big boys on compliance. There was a knowledge gap, where smaller producers often lacked the technological know-how and support they really needed to get into supermarkets, a common ambition, and all of the certification that goes with it.

Long story short, Beacon Compliance solves problems for smaller food producers as a niche support service to make products safer, compliant and less of a risk on enforcement action. I guess you could say I am a go-to food safety expert for UK food producers and manufacturers. While I set up the business in 2018 it wasn’t until January 2020 that I felt confident enough to go it alone full-time. My food safety auditor role was clipping my wings and by this point it was time to run and grow. I took the plunge and haven’t looked back.

How did LHP Accountants help?

When I approached LHP in 2021 I was looking for a professional firm with lots of expertise under one roof. The challenges I faced at the time were a lack of understanding on statements, VAT and filing. An inconsistency on regular payments regarding pensions and payroll. Plus I lacked a one-stop-shop for all my personal/corporation tax, payroll, pensions and VAT needs.

LHP gave me a fixed fee for the services i required so I knew where I was with costs at any given time. It really helped me get on track with cashflow and planning ahead. LHP also helped by adding value with business advisory services. Knowing they’re there to give advice is huge.

LHP is a Platinum Xero Partner firm. With my Xero cloud accounting software I access my finances from anywhere. In restaurants on my smartphone, on a laptop in hotel rooms or in my office on a PC. I have real-time access to finance, useful links to bookkeeping and my clients have an autopay function. All of the business finances are in one place with live real-time data capability. The accountants at LHP can access my cloud account on my behalf to troubleshoot remotely. It really simplifies accounting!

What are the benefits since joining LHP?

Questions and queries are a big benefit with LHP. The team in Carmarthen who look after my account are great. When I want answers straight away my previous accountant wasn’t good at responding; it took days. With LHP, I can contact the team and always get same-day responses. This is useful because things get in my head and I need to know the answer that day.

Another key benefit with LHP is being able to get diagnostics every quarter on what’s happening, where the business is going, forecasting and planning. Personal tax returns are all part of my package. Previously I was nervous about getting things done in time, and was constantly chasing up my accountant. Knowing that LHP has my back and I can relax, is worth its weight in gold.

How would you describe LHP in 3 words?

Reactive, professional and knowledgeable.

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