Client Antur Cymru on How to Kickstart Your Business Post-Lockdown

KickStart Scheme

Interview with Toni Godolphin, Kickstart Executive at Antur Cymru Enterprise

With lockdown recovery underway and vaccines so far winning the fight against Covid, local Welsh businesses need every bit of help from schemes, reliefs, grants and support from friendly experts they can get. LHP Accountants recently caught up with valued client Antur Cymru Enterprise on one of the many ways they do their bit to support Welsh businesses.

What is the Kickstart scheme and how will it benefit businesses and individuals?

Well, Antur Cymru Enterprise is a delivery partner for the newly launched Kickstart Scheme which is essentially a 6-month paid job opportunity from which local employers can benefit. The Government scheme provides fully funded opportunities for employers to give young people work experience whilst allowing them to develop new projects and activity.

How are you involved in the scheme?

With Kickstart taking off recently, I was (Toni Godolphin) appointed as Kickstart Executive. I come from a business advisory background, having previously worked in Local Authority and private sector settings. I’m really passionate about helping young people gain employment, especially in the current climate, when people’s wellbeing is crucial and of course finding a job can be a real challenge.

I straight away recognised Kickstart was a really fantastic opportunity for both young people to gain valuable work experience and for employers to gain some financial support to help with staffing as they navigate out of COVID. There is of course the prospect of gaining long-term members of staff to drive business forward too which is a great benefit of the scheme.

Who is eligible, how can people find out more?

Limited companies with at least two years trading accounts can use the Kickstart Scheme to create new 6-month job placements for young people currently on Universal Credit and at risk of long-term unemployment. The roles must be for a minimum of 25 hours per week for six months.

In terms of people applying, Antur Cymru is a recognised delivery partner securing funding for client businesses large and small, via joint or standalone applications. Our successful approach demonstrates how young people will be supported and will also offer value to the employer to develop skills to enhance employability prospects.

Our support is fully funded through the Kickstart Scheme with extra funding available to help pay for uniforms, specific training and other setup costs. To discover more, businesses can visit the Antur Cymru website, ring 07800 5877014 or email

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