SSP Rebate Scheme Reintroduced to Cover Covid Sick Pay


Small and medium-sized businesses will again be able to claim money from the government to cover statutory sick pay paid to employees affected by Covid.

This announcement was made on 21 December as part of the business support package amidst the latest wave of the new variant Omicron. The rebate scheme which ended 30 September 2021 has been temporarily reintroduced to support firms affected by the new wave of Covid infections.

Statutory sick pay (SSP) of £96.35 a week is paid by employers. The cost of sick pay is a business concern as they face a absences caused by the Omicron variant. Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme means businesses with fewer than 250 employees will be reimbursed SSP for Covid-related absences for up to 2 weeks per employee. They will be eligible to make a claim from now and can make claims retrospectively from mid-January 2022. Employees should self-isolate for four days to be eligible for SSP, but are paid for every day they are self-isolating.

Sick pay rules

Some workers’ contracts offer full pay to those off sick for a limited time. If that time expires, or workers do not receive sick leave at all they should receive SSP. Employees should self-isolate for 4 days to be eligible for SSP but are then paid for every day they self-isolate. The self-employed are not eligible, while casual and agency workers are.

Also see our blog on SSP self-certification period extension which allows employees to self-certify for up to 28 days for the coming month to allow GPs more time to focus on the vaccine rollout.

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