BrightPay Payroll Benefits to The Client – They Just Keep on Getting Better

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Author: Kay Augustus, Head of Payroll at LHP

We started using BrightPay in 2016. Currently we’ve 520 clients on BrightPay including clients with multiple pay runs including weekly, monthly, CIS, fortnightly, 4-weekly and annual runs. We process over 51,000 payslips a year freeing up thousands of hours for business owners, while the software benefits just keep getting better!

I can tell you some great things about BrightPay. Over the years I have worked with a raft of payroll software. Iris, Sage and Pegasus Opera (and a whole load more). I can easily say BrightPay is by far the best payroll software I’ve worked with. It’s easy to navigate, gives clear tailored reports and is uber cost-effective. We use ‘Bureau’ while at the same time, supporting clients to set up their business versions.

We encourage clients to look for ‘nicks in their business chains’ to see how they can repair them, BrightPay solves these and we practice what we preach. BrightPay is used for both our company needs and clients use it for theirs. BrightPay is multi-award-winning, constantly pushes its capabilities, further than most other providers.

During the pandemic, BrightPay worked hard to adapt software to cater for the needs of ‘furlough pay’, as well as changes to COVID-SSP. They were quick off the mark, assisting with the ever-changing legislation that only a global pandemic can create (!). We felt supported and looked after throughout the 2 years of change.

Elements we love best

Our dedicated in-house payroll team at LHP loves the new BrightPay integrations. They help make our modern practice even more streamlined and cloud-based. BrightPay Connect positions clients in the cloud, meaning their reports are backed up and available without need for email correspondence.

Clients can input hours on online timesheets and their employees can access a portal and app system for their payslips. If a client wishes to switch it on, there’s even a function allowing employees to book time off using the BrightPay App.

In terms of Xero cloud accounting software, BrightPay is fully integrated with Xero. There’s no need for complicated payroll journals, you can post direct to Xero after each payroll is processed. In terms of the new automation tool Modulr, there’s full integration with BrightPay software.

Being able to pay clients’ employees using automated means is a game changer. It saves hours of admin time each month and reduces input errors. It’s also a really affordable price. We’re in the process of introducing BrightPay clients to Modulr -running pilot trials with clients. The results so far are fantastic!

Elements clients love

BrightPay runs personalised reports based on requirement. All client needs are different, so we tailor each report and then save those personalised configurations for future payrolls – the client configurations can be effortlessly run again with no extra work, which of course clients love.

Sometimes it’s the ‘simple things’ that help businesses get things right! Clients for example love P30 reports. Their CLEAR breakdown of requirements to pay HMRC all held on one page, including references, payment dates and bank details for HMRC, make life so much easier and less prone to error.

BrightPay emails payslips are popular with clients as they eliminate admin time and enable them to email employee payslips direct to email inboxes (all password protected to each individual and fully GDPR compliant). This eliminates printing costs, postage and general ‘down time’ while they distribute their payslips.

Customer service

BrightPay is available via web chat, phone and ticketed support. At LHP we’ve the facility to send BrightPay ‘copy data’ so that they can see problems ‘live’. However, we rarely need to use this facility. Their wealth of information on the BrightPay website means the answer to our question is normally found there.

On the occasions I’ve had to call them, I haven’t experienced long call times. Staff are polite, knowledgeable and avoid long holds and head scratching. They know their systems well – your questions are answered in no time!

Let’s Talk

If you’re a BrightPay customer and would like to use Modulr automation to pay your staff to free up time or need to outsource your payroll to free up time, let’s talk. Our dedicated team of payroll specialists are here to help you with all of this and have a wealth of knowledge and experience!

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