Client Onboarding At LHP

Client Onboarding

Author: Sam Hart (ACCA), LHP Associate

When it comes to onboarding, in our case familiarising new clients to our cloud accounting software, some clients are straightforward and can use our recommended cloud accounting software ‘out of the box’, while larger more complex businesses need additional customisation and training.

At LHP we’ve over 1000 active Xero subscribers and as with all our clients, they are offered a digital conversion if not in the cloud already. But what does LHP onboarding involve exactly, how do bespoke packages differ and what do clients feel about our onboarding process and making the switch to cloud accounting?

What onboarding involves

Client onboarding differs depending on what sector, company size and functionality needs are being taken into account. Construction businesses for example may require training on how to submit CIS records. Retail businesses may benefit from a stock system to monitor their stock levels and a function for taking card payments. Some organisations split their business into departments and need their cloud software to track their income and expenses back to a particular department.

Training can take place anywhere. That’s a real benefit of cloud. LHP prefers to use client premises as a way to gain insights into how each business works, but the choice is ultimately the client’s. Once initial onboarding training is over, clients have a basic understanding of their cloud accounting software. However, we still expect a few teething issues to arise at this stage, and for those we catch up on the phone, by email or in person with a site visit. We never leave clients to work it out for themselves.

At LHP we use Xero and QuickBooks, depending on business need. Xero suits those looking for the standard ‘I have to go digital’ person, while QuickBooks, requires some accounting knowledge and background. As far as security goes, we demo multifactor authentication and only the client and LHP ever has access.

When people make the switch to digital, their biggest fears are of coping with IT changes and making mistakes. At LHP we are at the end of the phone if clients need to run anything past us. And since it’s in the cloud, we can login to check and review any entries easily.

Bespoke packages

Onboarding comes into play from the get-go and length of time it takes to onboard depends on the client. We offer a bespoke package tailored to business need. There is always initial and ongoing training and support until the onboarded person is confident.

In terms of prior IT knowledge, no experience is needed. It can all be delivered via a computer, laptop, or smartphone. Most smaller clients have free training (LHP includes 2 hours free training for all clients agreed in advance on digital conversions), while larger businesses with more complex needs require more.

In terms of ongoing support, we offer phone, email and site visits and review client accounts monthly with remote access to their cloud software.

What clients say

Clients love how their accountant can instantly access their records allowing them to work on live data with them. Plus how their data is always up to date and accurate, for better decision-making. The many benefits include being able to access accounts from any device, any-time, any-place and automation (time savings and error reduction).

Onboarding was so well-handled and our new accounts automation is life changing. Software is easy to use and the ongoing client support great.“ (Tracy Hey, Starfish)

‘If you are thinking of going digital today my advice is simply, why not’, says Cerith Williams, Senior Client Manager. And of course, with Making Tax Digital, the switch to cloud accounting is going to be mandatory for most. Unless turnover is less than £10k per year (freelancers and sole traders), digital cloud accounts will be required by law by April 2023.

Let’s Talk

If you are thinking of making the switch to digital and would like a chat with our team on the options available, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team can talk you through all the available options and best fit for your needs, to help you thrive, adapt and grow in business.

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