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Going Green is in every newspaper and magazine you read and there’s someone talking about it every time you tune in online. And that’s not a bad thing. When it comes to doing our bit to help the planet we perhaps don’t know where to start. How do your green credentials stack up and how does this impact on your bottom line? At LHP we can help you with your green business plans and advise on initiatives that can help to make those changes.

The Green Growth Pledge recently announced by Gov Wales is designed to help Welsh businesses take proactive steps towards improving their sustainability. There are many benefits to this pledge including the positive impact on people and places around you and being part of a growing community of forward-thinking organisations that are helping Wales transition to a low carbon future.

What is the Green Growth Pledge?

Green Growth Pledge, an initiative by Business Wales offers a range of straightforward, practical actions that can be taken, such as reducing vehicle use, increasing water and energy efficiency, and working with responsible suppliers that will help companies become more efficient, decarbonise and win new business. 

By signing up to the Green Growth Pledge, your business is asked to make a commitment to one or more positive actions to help reduce carbon footprint while ensuring sustainable performance:

  • working with responsible suppliers
  • efficient transport & logistics
  • using land, energy & water wisely
  • measuring the impacts of your business
  • improved wellbeing of staff and community
  • appropriate packaging usage
  • preventing waste & pollution
  • reviewing products & services
  • promoting sustainable best practices

Signing the Green Growth Pledge will help you:

  • increase odds of winning tenders
  • improve chances of securing investment
  • financial savings long-term
  • better efficiency and increased resilience  
  • improved brand image and competitive edge
  • best practice status for others to follow

Help you can receive:

Business Wales is offering those that sign up a number of benefits and support tools including access to information, workshops, advice, specialist support, webinars and a marketing toolkit aimed to provide practical information, guides and logos that visibly promote actions you’ve taken to decarbonise and become more sustainable. You will also become part of a growing community of 2,150+ likeminded businesses who’ve made this pledge in Wales to date.

Learn more and sign up:

The Green Growth Pledge

SME Sign Up | Business Wales (

Let’s Talk

For help with your business planning and help assessing tax and financial implications of achieving sustainability, please don’t hesitate to contact team LHP, let’s talk.

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