HMRC Letter Scam

HMRC Letter Scam

A very convincing scam letter masquerading as HMRC is hitting up many of our clients and we would like you all to be extra vigilant when receiving a letter from HMRC asking for payment of overdue accounts.

The letter is so convincing it would be hard to spot – the opening line being “Our records show that we haven’t received payment for the amounts you owe as an employer” with an 0300 number to ring.

Our payroll manager said,

It’s very similar to the HMRC letters I have on my desk. If clients are in doubt about a similar letter, they can contact HMRC on 0300 2003200 and confirm if it is a scam letter. Even if you think it is genuine, you can still contact us in payroll or HMRC to check the account and confirm any arrears.

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