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In the current climate where more than ever cash is king, why are you not making getting paid as easy as possible? With online accounting packages like Xero and QuickBooks you can now invoice on the go. If you previously handed over invoices to your clients in paper format, I bet you’re wondering how will this work for you?

Accounting software now allows you to add a pay now button to the invoice.

As a tradesman, you are out with the client and you can there and then send the invoice with a button to get paid instantly. If you are using “Stripe” this pay now button will accept Apple/Google pay. The customer will be able to pay your invoice with fingerprint or face ID.

The two main suppliers of online payment are Stripe and PayPal.

If you feel that having a pay now button on an electronic invoice will boost your cash and reduce your debtors, please contact us at LHP.

Just an hour consultation and we can get you up and running and invoicing your customers the same day. And with your new pay now button get paid too.

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