Jobs Growth Wales+ & Apprenticeship Employer Incentive Scheme

Jobs Growth Wales

Welsh Government backs two job creation schemes in Wales; Jobs Growth Wales+ and Apprenticeship Employer Incentive Scheme (extended until March 2022). Good news for employers in a time of Covid recovery, with subsidised wages for new talent enrolled in Welsh businesses.

Jobs Growth Wales+

This new programme is focused on helping young people aged 16-18 reach their full potential in the world of work. Jobs Growth Wales+ aims to create life changing opportunities for those not in education, employment or training. It also includes tailored job opportunities subsidised at 50% of the national minimum wage.

The programme launches in 2022 and also offers careers advice and guidance via the Working Wales service to make informed choices on training, fair work and starting a business.

See: New jobs programme | GOV.WALES

Apprenticeship Employer Incentive Scheme

This scheme is a key part of Welsh Government’ Covid commitment to support businesses and workers and has seen 5,500 new apprentices recruited since August 2020. The incentive due to close 30 September 2021 is now continuing until 28 February 2022. Under the Apprenticeship Employer Incentive Scheme, businesses can claim up to £4,000 for each new apprentice they hire. Apprentices should be under 25.

The £4,000 incentive will be available to businesses employing a young apprentice for at least 30 hours per week. Welsh businesses could also receive £2,000 for each new under 25 year old apprentice they employ for less than 30 hours a week. For workers aged 25 and over, businesses can access £2,000 for each new apprentice they hire on a 30 hour or more contract. A further £1,000 incentive for apprentices working less than 30 hours. Payments are restricted to ten learners per business. Dedicated funding is available to recruit disabled people.

See: Incentives for businesses on apprentices | GOV.WALES

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