LHP Donates to KnitforMentalHealth ?

Knit for Mental Health

LHP recently donated to KnitforMentalHealth as massive supporters of their cause.

A massive thank you to LHP Accountants for the donation of £100 towards the costs of our buttons. This will buy us 400 buttons bearing Llŷr’s name, allowing 200 pairs of wrist warmers to go on sale at £15 each. The shop is busy in the lead up to Christmas I hope we’ll raise a lot more for our charity during this time. (Jane George, Founder)

KnitforMentalHealth was set up by Carmarthenshire couple Jane George and her husband Anthony and exists to raise money for mental health charities, following a personal family tragedy. The charity invites knitters from all over to take part or donate and on Instagram @knitformentalhealth there are lots of patterns you can follow and in its first year has over 30,000 followers. Garments are sold online, and the money goes to charity.

About KnitforMentalHealth

Founder Jane George and husband Anthony in July 2020 lost their 19-year-old son Llŷr to mental health. To cope with the grief, Jane started knitting and began by making small things and giving them to anyone who came to the house. Anthony then suggested they sell some to raise money for mental health charities. The couple became quickly overwhelmed with requests and had to stop taking orders. Son Dr Alex asked for help on his Instagram account and before long the whole world was knitting for their new charity KnitforMentalHealth .

The charity’s purpose is – raise as much money as possible for mental health charities by making and selling products, handmade with love by volunteers from far and wide. Wherever possible, yarn is donated. Another aim is to improve the mental health of their creative volunteers and customers by sharing the ‘2 wolves story’ and creating an inclusive community where creativeness is encouraged, and every voice is heard.

Founder Jane George said.

“We’re fundraisers for mental health charities and for every item purchased a minimum of 75% is donated to mental health charities. Since opening our shop on 3 February 2021 we’ve been able to make a difference to charities across the UK, thanks to the kindness and generosity of our volunteers. We’ve been incredibly lucky to have been chosen by ‘Knitting Network’ to fund raise for the Samaritans, raising £5,500. Once again for the month of November they chose us – this time for ‘2 Wish Upon a Star’, the charity who was there for us the day our sky caved in and has been there ever since should we need them. In total we’ve donated £12,500 this year with a further £3,000 in donations already planned. Including funds raised by Knitting Network we’ve raised more than £20 000 this year, which is amazing.”

How to get involved

This year for Christmas, when thinking of presents for your loved ones put ‘Yodomo’ or ‘knitformentalhealthshop’ in your browser or go direct to KnitforMentalHealth Shop – Yodomo and choose a present that will make a real difference. You can also join their amazing army of volunteers knitting, sewing, and crocheting to make wonderful unique items for the shop. “It is because of you and your kindness we have been able to come this far on this journey and for whose support we will be forever grateful.”

Where your money goes

5 charities helped to date by KFMH are:

  • PIPs (N. Ireland) formed when 14 members of a community took their lives in a short space of time, they provide counselling and support to families.
  • The Daniel Picton Jones Foundation (Pembs) supports those struggling in rural and agricultural communities with a 24 hour helpline and free counselling.
  • Suicide & Co (England) supports families bereaved by suicide with free counselling & support.
  • Feeling Strong (Scotland) provides counselling and provides a purpose for the young people of Dundee where so many young people have lost their lives.
  • Quinns Retreat (England) provide short breaks for families and young people who have been bereaved by suicide or who are struggling with their mental health.

Get involved!

With further donations planned, KnitforMentalHealth aims to continue supporting small charities on the frontline in the war against mental health. Aside from postage their biggest expense are the buttons that carry Llyr’s name.

Instagram: @knitformentalhealth

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