Moving To Cloud

Moving to Cloud

Here at LHP we strongly believe that cloud accounting is the way forward for businesses.

What is cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting is taking your old accounting / bookkeeping system and moving it on to the internet.


Having your accounting system on the cloud has endless benefits.

Working on the business now does not need to be done in the office connected to an old server that you have been meaning to update for years.

The online software you choose (we use Xero and QuickBooks mainly) have their own servers that have to be kept up to date.

As the data is online and live 24/7 that allows other online programs to connect into your software. (with your permission). Currently there are over 800 apps that are able to communicate with your online software.

These can range from expert and customisable reporting to stock and POS systems to invoice capturing and posting just to name a few… Honestly if there is something you wanted to get out of your data the is probably an app that can help.

Moving to the cloud does not need to be a mammoth task. We at LHP have software that will move all your data off your current software onto a cloud system. (2 years accounts for free)

Or if your old system has been running for many years and you require a fresh start, we can extract only the information you need.

With HMRC currently pushing Making Tax Digital there is no reason not to get on to the cloud accounting bandwagon. We here at LHP can take you through this transition every step of the way.

Let’s Talk

Please contact us so we can start working on a plan of action to streamline your business in the cloud.

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