Claim Covid Remote Working Tax Relief

Claim Covid Tax Relief

Employees not already reimbursed for any additional costs of pandemic-related homeworking, may be entitled to reimbursement by way of tax relief.

Staff may have racked up some additional household costs, if they’ve had to work at home on a regular basis this past year. Either for all, or part of the working week. This includes being told to work from home because of coronavirus.

Extra costs include things like heating, metered water bills and business calls ‘incurred wholly and necessarily as a result of working from home’. Costs that stay the same, whether working at home or not, don’t qualify for tax relief.

If your business doesn’t already reimburse staff for additional costs, you may want to communicate to employees, that they may be eligible to claim. Or, if you are an employee, you can enquire yourself at HMRC Online, for periods of homeworking up to 5 April 2022.

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