R&D Tax Relief for Farmers


Farmers can use R&D tax credits to inject cash flow into their farms, via the R&D tax credits scheme. To see if you can apply, and for R&D farming examples, we’ve made a short guide below. Our dedicated farming pod is also here to help.

To help farmers make the most of what’s available, we’ve published a short introductory guide for those wishing to explore the R&D farming tax credits scheme. The scheme allows farmers to reduce corporate tax bills or receive a tax refund, based on a proportion of R&D spend.

You need to be liable for Corporation Tax in the UK, and meet necessary R&D criteria. You need to run your R&D as a specific project, aiming to make an advance in a field, but funding also covers unsuccessful projects. Take a look at our R&D in Farming Guide (PDF), containing examples in:

  • pig farming
  • poultry farming
  • dairy farming
  • arable farming

Download: R&D in Farming Guide (PDF)

Let’s Talk

For further advice on R&D tax relief in farming, please contact our team of specialists at LHP on or ring 01267 237534.

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