Future Wales 2040 National Plan

Future Wales National Plan 2040 contains the vision and plans for Wales in coming years.

Interesting reading for businesses across all 4 regions including South West Wales, which is an area of regional growth. This document sets out the ambitions for the coming years including a spatial strategy.

Government plans include create more woodland, better urban spaces and to ‘decarbonise society’. South West challenges include; creating more affordable homes, economic growth, protecting the Welsh language, better waste management; ensuring communities can enjoy green spaces especially during recovery from Covid and lowering carbon.


South West Wales is the main region LHP operates in, supporting thousands of clients – to help them thrive, adapt and grow. We like to keep our clients in the know of what is happening in the region, including support with grants and sharing specialist local knowledge.

This plan reports that South West Wales grew 8.7% in population size from 1998-2018 – with the largest growth in Pembrokeshire. In this plan, Swansea Bay and Llanelli are to be the main focus for growth and investment in the South West region, with plans to support sustainable growth and regeneration in Carmarthen and Pembs Haven Towns, as important sub regional links.

“Strategic and Local Development Plans should recognise the National Growth Area as the focus for strategic economic and housing growth; essential services and facilities; advanced manufacturing; transport and digital infrastructure. The Welsh Government will work with regional bodies and local authorities to promote and enhance Swansea Bay and Llanelli’s strategic role and ensure key investment decisions support places in the National Growth Area and wider region….35,600 additional homes needed should be affordable.

“The Welsh Government supports sustainable growth and regeneration in Carmarthen and the Pembrokeshire Haven Towns (Haverfordwest, Milford Haven, Pembroke and Pembroke Dock).  These areas will be a focus for managed growth, reflecting their important sub-regional functions and strong links to the national growth area of Swansea Bay and Llanelli…a focus for housing, employment, tourism, public transport and key services within their wider areas and support their continued function as focal points for sub-regional growth…gaps in mobile connectivity will be addressed to ensure services are provided.”

You can download the plan here which sits on the Gov Wales website:

Future Wales: The National Plan 2040 (, 63Mb)

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