Meet Payroll – Angharad Morgan

Angharad Morgan

It’s National Payroll Week!  Let’s meet the faces behind the figures!

We’ve an awesome payroll team at LHP and as the nation celebrates the most important function of the workplace (paying staff!) we give kudos to the team members at LHP who work hard to process over 51,000 payslips using latest cloud apps such as BrightPay and Modulr. Meet Angharad.

Your role in LHP Payroll

I look after Haverfordwest payroll clients along with a wide range of clients from our 5 offices and complete any pension scheme set ups, re-declarations of pension compliance and general pension queries.

How long have you worked in payroll?

I’ve been at LHP for 18 months, in total I’ve worked in payroll for four years. I took a temporary payroll job after wanting a change of career path from teaching, I always enjoyed working with numbers and solving problems, so payroll seemed a good fit. I fell in love with payroll and have been working in the field ever since. I’ve worked in both public and private sectors – and now in the accountancy world.

I’ve a teaching degree which does come in very handy in terms of finding ways to simplify complicated payroll matters in discussions with clients. I recently completed a Diploma in Payroll and HR Management and I’m looking into starting a pensions qualification in the coming months.

Your favourite bit of payroll?

No two days are the same in payroll it keeps you on your toes! Over the course of the pandemic, I enjoyed the increased interaction with clients. We found that those businesses having to close their doors due to Covid restrictions needed a great deal of support. We acted as a sounding board for a variety of employment and payroll issues. With our knowledge of client businesses we were able to advise them on ways to work around Covid restrictions and how to make relevant CJRS claims. The furlough scheme has been invaluable to so many businesses, allowing them to retain staff until they open their doors again.

What would you say about payroll outsourcing to those considering it?

We ensure employees get their correct payslips in time. Many people don’t realise it’s a legal requirement to provide payslips to employees on or before the day they’re paid. At LHP we can create employee payslips for our clients to ensure they get distributed to employees either by email or via an Apple/Android App called ‘BrightPay Connect’.

Payroll can be a timely task if clients are having to fit it around running their businesses. We take this job off their hands allowing them to focus on what they do best!

So many clients shudder at the thought of dealing with the ‘tax man’ (not as scary as people think). At LHP, working as a client’s ‘agent’ means we can deal with any issues that may arise with HMRC on their behalf.

A random fact about you

I’m ambidextrous, I was thought to be copying my mother when learning to write when using my left hand so she would take the pencil from my left and put it in my right. This skill came in very handy during long written exams!

Let’s Talk

For help with your payroll, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our knowledgeable and friendly team can help take away the hassles so you free up time to focus on the important stuff. Let’s Talk!

National Payroll Week

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