Client Stories: Shining a Spotlight on NJJ Business Solutions


LHP client stories: Interview with Nicola John of NJJ Business Solutions

NJJ is a valued client at LHP who came to us looking to utilise cloud-based accounting software in their growing firm. As they were looking for full automation, insight, and scalability in their finances, LHP helped with matching the best option cloud accounting software and a range of support services for them and their clients. The measurable benefits in their growing consultancy are ones they still enjoy today.

We caught up with founder Nicola John to share her experience of working with us and with cloud software.

“LHP has been proactive with my business and my clients. Access to clients’ real-time data for us to analyse and make business decisions from helps me do my job and helps clients grow their businesses.”

Nicola John, Founder

So Nicola, please tell us a bit about your business and background.

My business NJJ Business Solutions offers bespoke business consultancy services such as high-quality professional business advice and other training and services tailored to clients’ needs.

The company also runs a Training Academy of Excellence for a major client with a focus on soft skills. NJJ clients include manufacturers, construction companies, hardware suppliers, restaurants, leisure centres and training providers. Most are experts in their field, needing assistance on leadership/management skills, training and compliance.

My background is in company management and directorships and training and development. As a management trainer, I trained clients in all areas of leadership and management, business admin, customer services, business tools/techniques and NVQ assessing. I am also a mentor for Institute of Directors and Business Wales.

I have 2 decades experience of writing policies and procedures on Quality Assurance, Health and Safety, Environmental, HR and business process improvement including lean techniques. The experience gained from being a manager of a construction company and director of a manufacturing facility alongside my training and development knowledge all gave me the experience to consult.

What problems were you looking to solve when you approached LHP?

I used accountants and finance directors previously for larger construction and manufacturing businesses. Then I set up my company and considering needing the same for myself! The problem I faced was my data was not timely, accurate or real-time. I wanted data at my fingertips to make director decisions.

I knew how fundamental this would be to running a successful business. I wanted a reputable company in South Wales who used technology, with in-house experts in every field of accountancy, who could provide support to my business and clients when needed. LHP fit the brief perfectly – so I moved accountants.

How was this problem affecting your business?

Not a direct impact on my bottom line, but I was losing precious time (time is money!) researching information and doing analysis. As a consultant myself I was aware of automated processes and experts that could assist me. I wasn’t practicing what I preached to my clients. I wasn’t being efficient enough.

Why did you choose LHP’s product and services?

People buy from people in my experience. I came across LHP when I met LHP Director Janet Collins at a business event, she does a lot with businesses across the region. I liked her immediately. She’s personable and takes the time to get to know you. As a company, LHP is forward thinking, modern (Platinum Xero Partner), has drive and ambition, stays up-to-date with technology and offers added-value. I often recommend LHP to my clients.

What measurable benefits have you seen?

LHP has been proactive with my business and my clients. I have been able to see my own real-time information, which has allowed me informed decision making and insights. Access to clients’ real-time data for us to analyse and make business decisions from, helps me do my job and helps my clients grow their businesses, so a win-win.

In this difficult economic climate it’s imperative that I can help my clients pivot their business if needed, or make crucial decisions to help grow and minimise risk. LHP has benefited my clients, many have now been trained on Xero and are really pleased. They get automation and love the efficiencies.

I advise clients not to be afraid of automated software as a result of my own positive experience. Cloud is easy to use, read and to get the info you want from. I point out to clients they can extract real-time information that funders and banks are looking for and have their business plans written on the basis of data in those accurate reports. Moving clients away from having historical data often 6 months in arrears. (you have to wait until year-end returns to gain insight on paper based accounts).

Thanks! If you were to sum up LHP in three words?

Friendly, professional and efficient.

Let’s Talk

If you like the sound of this let’s talk. Whether you are in Professional Services or another line of work needing Cloud Accounting or any of our key Services we can help. Our team is based in offices across South Wales – in Carmarthen, Cross Hands, Tenby, Haverfordwest and Lampeter. With over 85 years’ experience in accounting and as leading cloud accountants today, you are in safe hands.

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