Specialist probate accountants, on all aspects of probate and estate administration.

It goes without saying, we’ve unique inside knowledge of a deceased’s financial affairs. From researching and assessing the value of deceased estates, to inheritance tax accounts, capital gains tax liabilities and final estate accounts.

Probate Services

Here at LHP we are now able to offer you and your loved ones a much more complete and succinct service, from advising on inheritance tax planning to administering your estate. As specialist probate accountants, we have all the tools required to handle every aspect of the probate process in a timely, confident and professional manner and are best placed to undertake probate efficiently.

As specialist probate accountants, we will deal with all aspects of probate and estate administration.

We research and assess the value of estates, prepare inheritance tax accounts, deal with income and capital gains tax liabilities, gather assets and pay creditors. We also advise beneficiaries on tax implications connected with selling assets and prepare tax returns and final estate accounts on a client’s behalf. Our probate team is keen to help you navigate through this difficult phase with the least amount of stress and with as much support as you require.

Probate and Estate Administration Services

Fixed Probate Fees

Please see our fees for obtaining probate in the following PDF download and read related blogs below such as 5 Common Probate Concerns Explained to help get you started. If you wish to discuss these packages further, please get in touch to discuss matters further. The prices below do not include VAT or disbursements.

We offer 4 different packages to suit your needs with a starting fee of £1,950. We are happy to visit you in your home during this difficult time and have offices across South Wales with over 70 staff. We are based in Carmarthen, Cross Hands near Swansea, Haverfordwest, Tenby, Lampeter and Aberaeron.

Download your booklet here

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For help with probate, please don’t hesitate to contact team LHP. Our probate specialists are keen to help you through this difficult time.

Friday 11 February 2022 LHP Accountants


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