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Chartered Tax Advice

Capital Gains Tax advice

Our capital gains experts can assist you with potential capital gains tax planning, ensuring you get maximum tax efficiency, when disposing of or transferring an asset. With careful and early tax planning, it is often possible to reduce or eliminate capital gains tax. By looking at your specific situation, we may be able to reduce or delay the payment of your capital gains tax liability. We can ensure you get the maximum benefit from Entrepreneurs’ Relief by helping you set up tax-efficient business structures from the start. Or by helping with restructuring in advance of a disposal. LHP advises on the claiming of available reliefs and exemptions available to you:

We can advise you whether it is worth considering changing the ownership of an asset. For example if your spouse has unused annual exemptions or capital losses. Our team has the expertise to advise on timings of a sale impact on payment date. And whether disposal can be spread over more than one tax year, to maximise available reliefs and exemptions.

Advanced tax planning

LHP offers an advanced tax planning service for high net-worth clients and companies – advising on a range of tax mitigating strategies, via our associated contacts, for most forms of taxation.

Inheritance tax planning and advice

We often liaise with solicitors on the best inheritance tax advice, after a full review of your circumstances. This may include a transfer of assets, will planning and insurance cover. We can also advise on post-death deeds of variation.

Tax enquiries

If you are the subject of a tax investigation, our specialists can help you achieve the best possible results, while minimising disruption to your business and personal life. The cost in terms of time, money, stress and effect on your health of an investigation should not be underestimated. We aim to handle the day-to-day hassle and pressures for you, and let you concentrate on running your business and getting on with normal busy life.

Whether it’s at local level or dealing with a specialist investigation unit, we’ve a wealth of experience in dealing with investigations by HM Revenue and Customs, to secure the best result and to ensure the right steps are taken to avoid or minimise penalties. While every investigation is different, we will:

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