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LHP Wealth Management.

Hello, we’re LHP Wealth Management, an additional service to LHP Accountants to help our clients receive an all-round service. Our friendly experts are here to help you. Providing independent financial advising and planning, we work alongside LHP Accountants as a joined-up approach to ensure clients meet personal and business goals. There’s no better time than today to start planning for tomorrow.

Here to help you plan ahead as a local trusted service.

Money and finances can be daunting but not for LHP. We’ve a track record of helping businesses, in fact since 1935 and LHP Wealth Management, our new venture in 2023 offers a bespoke service to individuals with the same unique approach which puts the person first. For business owners, high earners, retirees and professionals, there’s a wide range of wealth management and finance services all under one roof within the LHP family.

One of the first things we tell people about their finances is the importance of planning ahead for a retirement they wish for. We’ve all got dreams for the future. Whether it’s retiring to the French Riviera or building up a business to later sell and live off the profits.

But how do you know if the financial decisions you’re making now are the rights ones to turn your dreams into reality? Are you investing in the right places to help your dreams come true? We offer financial planning with a difference. We promise to look at the lifestyle you want to have and help you plan for it financially; we call this lifestyle financial planning. Whatever you need, we can help, see our financial services:


Led by director and Chartered Financial Planner Laurence Murphy FPFS and supported by the LHP Group, LHP Wealth Management is a safe pair of hands for all your personal and business financial planning needs.

Laurence has worked in financial services for many years and is a Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of Personal Finance Society. Laurence holds Certified Financial Planner TM Certification from Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments (CISI), the highest global certification available to financial planners in the UK today. 

Laurence specialises in all aspects of business and personal financial planning. From pensions and protection insurance to estate planning, savings, and investments. Named by The Times as a top-rated financial adviser for 5 years running as part of the ‘Vouchedfor’ Top-rated guide, Laurence as a fluent Welsh speaker and loves nothing more than helping people and businesses achieve their goals in the language of their choice.


We promise to talk to you in plain Welsh or English!

If you’ve ever visited a financial advisor before, you may have felt like you were being sold to or that the advisor was focused on your money and not you! Or you may have felt ‘overrun with jargon’ as they tried to evidence their knowledge by explaining technical aspects of the products in detail, or at a level that you don’t yet understand.

We will work for you.

At LHP Wealth Management we don’t believe in smoke or mirrors, what you see is what you get. We don’t work for a large corporation, targeted with selling products and answerable to shareholders. Unlike some financial advisors, our focus is not on money, but rather what money can do for you!

Everyone is different.

Whether your priority is to retire early, travel the world, have financial security, or focus on your loved ones. whatever your goals, while money is a means to achieve this, our focus is always on you. Helping you identify, achieve, and maintain the lifestyle you desire.

We do this by explaining options available to you and helping you make an informed choice about actions you can take.

Ready to talk?

We would love the opportunity to have an initial conversation with you to understand your priorities and how I can help you achieve your goals. Life’s not a rehearsal so please get in touch now to start planning your future! Drop us an email on Let’s Talk and we will pass the message on.

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